Key value in tmap

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Key value in tmap

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We need to fetch the data from Mysql table A and update/insert into Mysql table B, Please find the sample data below and suggest how to handle the Mysql tmap (I mean in B table Student id & class_id_oid combination is unique, so how we can maintain the key value in both source and destination table of tmap).


Mysql Table A   Mysql Table B  Mysql Table C 
        foreign key    
Student IdClassStudent Name  Student IdStudent NameClass Id OID IdClass IdClass Name
11ABC  1ABC4 41Grade 1


Student Id & Class id oid is unique in Table B

2XYZ4 52Grade 2
31HJK3MNP5 63Grade 3
32MNP    74Grade 4
22MLPwe want to insert the remaining student values from Table A 85Grade 5






Re: Key value in tmap


Did you want to insert column "Class" into your table B? What does your expected result look like?

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