Karaf container SSL-CA

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Karaf container SSL-CA


I want to have ssl certificate using the talend runtime with apache Karaf but I don't want to have a self-signed certificate just like this tutorial shows: https://help.talend.com/reader/yovCMqvJzyaSSSIdrlB4FQ/YS2qpyciSmqGw1eFT08J1Q


"These key are self-signed. In a production system, you should use a Certificate Authority (CA)."

What software should I use to create a CA and how should I configure it with karaf? I am using an azure virtual machine.


I would appreciate some help. I am lost with SSL stuff, thanks!

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Re: Karaf container SSL-CA



While I've not tried it using Karaf, I use properly authenticated certificates on my website from




which are free, but only last a month. However, you can easily automate the certificate updating process. Way better than self-certification as no browser trusts that anymore.


Hope this helps,



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