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Jobserver - where to install?

Good day,
We currently have a working Talend setup, but as I'm doing an upgrade to 6.1.1, I'm reconsidering our infrastructure, as I'm not the one who set it up originally.
I cannot find too much information about the Jobserver, so that's why I post my question here.
As far as I can deduct, the Jobserver seems to be a standalone product, it takes a job, prepared by TOS, runs it and sends back the results. All the connection information like hosts and ports are contained in the job, so effectively it doesn't seem to matter where I install the Jobserver.
This makes me wonder if it's a good practice to set up a Linux Container with just the jobserver, so I can easily deploy more of them when needed, optionally control limits and make sure the process doesn't interfere with other services running on the box.
In our current setup, Jobserver runs on the same server as the database software, which works fine, but gives me less flexibility.
Any ideas on this?
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Re: Jobserver - where to install?

 Jobserver starts the jobs as separate processes. The jobserver itself simply starts, monitors and if necessary kills these job processes.
Therefore you need per machine only one job server.
The setup is quite easy. In the file <jobserver>/conf/ you can setup the resource monitoring and you can move the cache (the job program files) to any other place (e.g. under /var/talend/...)
You can install jobservers as much as you want. If you run jobs depending on some resources (e.g. you need to call specific database binaries) then place the job server where your resources are.
Normally I would put job servers on separate servers to prevent the job and the database use the same resources.
You can bind multiple job servers in the TAC to a virtual job servers for a load balancing and failover.