Jobs wiped out on opening talend studio

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Jobs wiped out on opening talend studio

Recently we started having below issue.

Upon starting talend studio, git, behind the scene commits with the following pattern : 


Create project 'Project Name'
  Update project 'Project Name'
    Save project 'Project Name'

 This commit removes everything in the current project.

There is another commit after this (Which is also done behind the scene) : 


Migration tool: project [Project Name] tasks
  Save project 'Project Name'
  Apply migrations on project 'Project Name'
  - migration org.talend.repository.localprovider.RemoveRoutineFolderTask
  - migration org.talend.repository.localprovider.model.migration.ChangeXmiSerialization
  - migration org.talend.repository.model.migration.CleanFoldersMigrationTask
  - migration org.talend.repository.model.migration.RemoveBinFolderMigrationTask
  - migration org.talend.repository.model.migration.UpdateExistentMigrationTasksToAdaptNewMigrationSystemMigrationTask
  - migration org.talend.designer.core.ui.preferences.migration.ChangeMysqlVersionForProjectSetting
  - migration org.talend.designer.core.ui.preferences.migration.ChangeOracleVersionForProjectSetting
  - migration org.talend.repository.model.migration.RemoveRoutineJarDependencyTask
  - migration org.talend.repository.model.migration.ChangePostgresDbVersionForProjectSetting
  - migration org.talend.repository.model.migration.EncryptPasswordInProjectSettingsMigrationTask
  - migration org.talend.repository.model.migration.UnifyPasswordEncryption4ProjectSettingsMigrationTask
  - migration org.talend.repository.model.migration.ChangeComponentSettingNameMigrationTask
  - migration org.talend.repository.model.migration.RemoveRoutineAntlrJarDependencyTask
  - migration org.talend.repository.model.migration.RemoveProjectLibsFolder
  - migration org.talend.designer.maven.ui.ConfigMavenRepositoryRemove
    Save project 'Project Name'

 We tried changing workspace, installing talend studio again. Nothing seems to work out.

If you can tell me, why this commits are happening in the first place and that too automatically.


Re: Jobs wiped out on opening talend studio


There is not enough information for us to diagnose your issue? Did you get this issue when do studio migration? We will appreciate it a lot if you could post more information about your issue.

Best regards


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