Job revision and version

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Job revision and version

Please let me know if you have answers for below questions.


1. Please tell the difference between Job revision and job version. 

2. How can I open previous revision number as it keep on increasing when I do change & Save

3. Is job revision is being controlled by SVN (i.e.)SVN takes backup of a job with many revision numbers.

4. If I delete a job in repository, will it delete all of is revisions and versions 




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Re: Job revision and version

Hi Mahesh,

Job version is controlled by developer, where as job revision is controlled by SVN on every save irrespective of job version.

Yes for point no3

Yes if you delete a job from repository it will move the job to recycle bin.
You can restore the job to any specified location on to repository any any time from recycled bin.
If you delete the job even from recycle bin. It will delete everything permanently from SVN also.


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