Job Server Connection Issue

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Job Server Connection Issue

We have configured job server which was working fine, but it's seem from a week it keep crashing. We have started the server multiple time, but the server is crashing and we are getting the below error. Any help would be appreciated in resolving this.
Execution failed : org.talend.remote.commons.exception.ClientServerException: org.talend.remote.commons.exception.ClientServerException: Time out server acknowledge for command ', idJob=20130808_122434_JLi68, remoteActionStatus=null, messageType=GET_USEFUL_CRC_LIST, idRequestResponsePair=PUm5VlGd, message=null'.

Re: Job Server Connection Issue

Time out server acknowledge for command

It seems the request for TAC is Time out.
You should open a ticket on talend support portal, our colleagues from support team will schedule a webex with you for your issue.
Best regards
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Re: Job Server Connection Issue

The error message

appears at TAC server side certainly due to the JobServer crashing, so we have to understand why the JobServer is crashing.
Could you provide us more informations on what happens at the JobServer side :
- logs
- environment
- how much time between the start and the crash
Thank you.

Re: Job Server Connection Issue

Hi Axel,
The server used to host TAC, JobServer, Commandline and the SVN server is a Linux CentOS 64bits with 8Gb of Memory and 4Cpu/Cores.
The JDK installed is a SUN/Oracle JDK 64bits version 1.6.
The Talend Installation is a version 5.2.2 of our Talend Platform for Enterprise Integration.
I did have a troubleshooting session last night and the JObServer looks just fine; but executing some of their Jobs seems to be the root cause of the crash of their JobServer.
Any idea ?
Best regards.

Re: Job Server Connection Issue

Problem solved.
It was due to the FIREWALL which block port that need to be open while you execute your Job with the "statistics" option on REMOTE EXECUTION.
Disabling the "Statistics" in the Run tab did fix the issue. It was not a crash of the JObServer but simply a Timeout for the execution due to the Firewall blocking the stats.
They also can limit the range of PORT for Stats and Traces and open some on their Firewall to allow the Statistics with REMOTE Exec.
Best regards.

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