Issue with Talend ESB Runtime configuration on windows

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Issue with Talend ESB Runtime configuration on windows

Hi, I try to deploy a route built with Talend Open Studio For Esb, 6.5, on windows server 2016 Datacenter
To do so I built the route, then manually dropped the file on the container/deploy folder.
Then using client.bat I tried to set some configuration parameters to override values defined in the context of the project (in my case the name of an sqs-queue), but it does not work.

First of all, is it the right approach ?

Things I have done : 
- unzipped the zip file to D:\
- followed the stepd to install the wrapper as a windows service
- client.bat >
    - config:edit MyRouteName
    - config: property-set myProp myValue
    - config:update
    - refresh (also tried bundle:refresh)
    - stop MyRouteName
    - start MyRouteName

Did I missed something ?

Is there a way to check what parameters are actually applied to the Route ?
Is the .cfg file read watched continuously for changes (in the case I edit it manually) ?
What's the difference between configuration MyJob and configuration MyJob.talendcontext.Default ? does it matter ?



Re: Issue with Talend ESB Runtime configuration on windows


Can you build your route successfully in studio V 6.5.1? Did you correctly follow up online user guide about:TalendHelpCenter:How to build routes to your route to an ESB Runtime KAR file?

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