How to deploy Talend ESB REST Job on Tomcat

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How to deploy Talend ESB REST Job on Tomcat

Hello All,

I am creating a simple REST job within Talend Open Studio for ESB V5.6.3 and V6.4.1,
using 'tRESTRequest' and 'tRESTResponse' components.


I export this REST job as a ***.jar file by selecting build type 'OSGI bundle(ESB)'
to be deployed in Talend Runtime ESBSE, and it works fine.


Then, I hope to deploy this job on Tomcat, but I can not export REST job as a ***.war file,
because I can not select build type 'Axis WebService(WAR)', and TOS displays a message as follows,
"ESB job contains "tRESTRequest" should only build using [OSGI Bundle For ESB] type."


Is There a way to deploy REST job using 'tRESTRequest' on Tomcat,or any other application server ?



Is it possible to deploy REST job on Tomcat  by Talend Commercial Products version (Talend Administration Center) ?




By the way, I create a simple normal job (tFileInputDelimited -> tLogRow),and export as a ***.war file,
and deploy on tomcat webapps folder, then it works good by the URL like this (job name is TalendTestJob_0.1)


Re: How to deploy Talend ESB REST Job on Tomcat


There is export limitations for ESB 'Jobs'.

For more information, please have a look at this new feature jira issue:

Best regards


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Re: How to deploy Talend ESB REST Job on Tomcat

Hi Sabrina,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I understood the  limitations for ESB 'Jobs'.

Will it be possible in a future version ?

Best regards


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