How could I improve Talend performance?

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How could I improve Talend performance?

Hello I'm new to Talend and I have the impression that it is surprisingly slow for even menial tasks (e.g. extracting and dumping data from one db to another). I think I got something wrong, were I could find some objective benchmarks and do it right guides?


Note that I tend to use tMap heavily, could this be a problem?

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Re: How could I improve Talend performance?

In most cases, bad performances is due to, or at least linked to, database access.

For most db, there is some components dedicated to bulkify operation and it can change your life!

Now, it's difficult to give a complete answer as soon as we don't know which db engine(s) you are using, on which OS, how many records you try to read/write, what is the role of tMap (transformation or joins), did you compare elapsed time with direct operations (without Talend) and so on.