Failed build run Job

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Failed build run Job



Really need your help, I'm new to talend and new too about data

I want to build some subjobs in main job but always failed (I can't run it on talend, and I can't build it and run on server)


please help need a solution, here the screenshot on attachment



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Re: Failed build run Job

there are many reasons could be, but because major version 52 - how many Java versions do you have installed? what versions on server and workstation?

what from - "(I can't run it on talend, and I can build it and run on server)" correct?

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Re: Failed build run Job

Hi vapukov,

My laptop java version 1.7 and 1.8

on the server 1.7


please see the attachment, and see if I do something wrong with environment variable setting (JAVA_HOME) or the Talend-Config


Really need your help, 

thank you

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Re: Failed build run Job

you did not answer for the 2nd question - where it work and where not?



Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 20.29.57.png


choose 1 version or You will always run around same incompatible issues


new Talend Studio - do not support 1.7, so remove 1.7, select 1.8 and reinstall 1.8 on server (also remove old)

if Talend old and not support 1.8 - time to upgrade it (this time was ages ago, but still must be done)




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Re: Failed build run Job

it can't run and build both server and development (My Laptop)


I see, but I'm in position cannot upgrade the server (because that is some kind office server) and the server run on 1.7 Java version.


is there any alternative solution?

I use Talend DI 7.0 by the way,

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Re: Failed build run Job

"if something still not works after 100 attempts - start read manuals" (c) :-)


supported version - 1.8



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