Esb route deployment issue - deploying bad version

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Esb route deployment issue - deploying bad version

Hello guys,


I am dealing with some deployment issues when trying to deploy Esb routes in the TAC.


My client uses TIS 5.6, we figured out that sometimes the TAC deploys old versions of routes and not the version wanted.


In the beginning we thought that it comes from Karaf, so we cleared the karaf cache by removing the "data" folder, but it didn't work, so I suggested to clear the "temp" dirrectory of tomcat. our linux administrator purged the folder and restarted tomcat service. We tried to deploy after that and it worked and it allways works when applying these steps.   


I've noticed also that when we deploy on a computer that's never been used to deploy it works, so before each deploy I clear my browser cache but it does't work each time(without clearing tomcat temp directory). 


Have you ever face this issue ? for me it's the first time.


 Best regards




Re: Esb route deployment issue - deploying bad version

Hello Amine,

Does this issue also repro on other build version? Could you please create a case on talend support portal so that we can give you a remote assistance to see if it is a bug on V 5.6 through support cycle with priority?

Best regards


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