Error in tmap task

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Error in tmap task

Hello Guys!!


Could you please anyone help me


Actually I have worked on lookup operation i.e. one input delimited file from meta data and another file coming normal flat file here I' m performing the look up operation for when matched line are sent to another file and unmatched line are sent to another file so after completing my job I have executed but that time I got the error like


starting job Test at 19:40 01/06/2017.

[statistics] connecting to socket on port 3810
[statistics] connected
Exception in component tMap_1
 at testing.Test.Test.tFileInputDelimited_2Process(
 at testing.Test.Test.runJobInTOS(
 at testing.test.Test.main(
[statistics] disconnected
Job Test ended at 19:40 01/06/2017. [exit code=1]


advice me please how to resolve that error





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Re: Error in tmap task

Hi @Manivel, could you please post some more details about the tMap? The conditions used, also a screenshot would be useful.

- JG