ESB services seem to be undeploying themselves

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ESB services seem to be undeploying themselves

My team has been deploying ESB services using TAC that cease to run within 15-60ish minutes without any action on our part. TAC still shows them as running, and the endpoints still show up on Karaf, but when we test them through Postman we get a 500 Server Error. Karaf logs show errors with a message like "tMSSqlInput_1 Invalid state, the Connection object is closed."


We can't find anything in our logs that shows us why our services are going down. Does anyone have insights as to what could be happening? If no, are there log settings that could be added/modified to better show the error?

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Re: ESB services seem to be undeploying themselves


Can you execute your ESB services jobs successfully in studio and deploy it on talend runtime directly? Are there any error message which is located in runtime\containber\log\tesb.log(Runtime log)  and

<ServersInstallationPath>\apache-tomcat-XXX\logs.(TAC log)?

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Re: ESB services seem to be undeploying themselves

Looks like the object connection to the DB is close, could be a bug in the flow, more than a problem of Karaf.

How the connection is defined? I think the best option is to define a connection pool and fetch the connection from it.

I theory you should open the connection on Job start and close on Job stop, this should manage them in the right way, but could happen that the service reuse a closed connection (maybe is ticked on tMSSqlCommit close connection).

Have you check in the wrapper log if something works fine?

Which version of Talend are you using? in 6.2.1 the default talend-wrapper.conf has some bug that should be fixed if run as service, mainly the log directory is wrong and no wrapper log is generated.


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