ESB service runtime - Karaf on Windows10 VM - issue

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ESB service runtime - Karaf on Windows10 VM - issue


I've successully deployed few services on Karaf in a Windows 10 VM.

If I run Karaf service after loggin in via RDP, and if I execute deployed service via a basic SOAP WS, there no issue.

I've scheduled Karaf service (trun.bat) startup in Windows scheduled task at it runs every system startup.

After I've done that, everytime I try to run the service it does not work, despite there's correct feedback payload after SOAP execution.

I've even tried to install Karaf-As-Container-Service like explained here witouth any success:


Is it there some specific steps to run the ESB runtime on Windows10 VM as a service?

Thank you


Re: ESB service runtime - Karaf on Windows10 VM - issue


Could you please try to open a command line prompt (from windows, not by clicking the trun.bat), go to the container directory and run bin\trun.bat. In this case if something fails, the command window won't disappear and you can provide an error message. We will appreciate it if you could post the error message here.

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