ESB container - configure usefull logging

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ESB container - configure usefull logging

Hello everyone,

we have quite a few webservices and jobs deployed in our ESB runtime container. What I'm finding out is that the tesb.log does not provide much information when something goes wrong.

I tried setting the log level to TRACE (on the root logger in org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg) which resulted in A LOT of logs generated, however they don't seem to be much of use in debugging.

I.e. if I have a service with job 'MyNiceJob' which calls two other subjobs 'MySubjob1' and 'MySubjob2' - I would like to be able to find out whether they we called, how long it took them to execute, what SQL queries were issued against database (tMSQL... components).

Is there anything that I am missing?



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Re: ESB container - configure usefull logging

Some Talend components ships with Log4J libs. The Karaf container uses its own Log4J implementation which is quite different implemented - but has the same API. Such component destroys the logging from the Karaf container because the Log4J classes from the Karaf will be overwritten bei the with the OSGi bundle delivered classes.

Check if this is the case in your services.

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Re: ESB container - configure usefull logging

You can use the CommonsLogger log, this will link the OSGI log4j configuration, the drawback is that you have to write the log in your own java row element and you have to import the commons log library.

I was not able to use SLF4J because was bundled with ActiveMQ library (at least with 5.4) and I didn't try in our new environment (6.2.1) because we move almost everything using camel route.

I hope this canswer can help

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