Create XML File (TOS)

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Create XML File (TOS)

Hi Guys,


I got a MainJob that runs all my other jobs. The Job is run by running the .bat via a Helper-Program written in C#. My jobs basically export data from a Salesforce Org. In my C# Program you'll have to insert your credentials, which will be forwarded to the .bat to run the jobs. My problem right now: I have one simple job which contains a tSalesforceConnection component just to check if the connection is successful. I'd like to save that into a XML file so I can restrict the user of my C# program to proceed if the connection failed. 


Something like this:

tSalesforce Connection ----onComponentOk----> Build XML file with <username>context.username</username> and <connection>true</connection> 


Is this possible? It doesnt need to be an XML file, can also be any other file that I can work with in C# to get the value of <connection>.


Thanks in Advance!



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Re: Create XML File (TOS)

In the job, you can use tFixedFlowInput to customize the data which you want to log to flat or xml file, eg:
tSalesforce Connection ----onComponentOk----> tFixeFlowInput--main--tFileOutputDelimtied (log to a flat file)

on tFixedFlowInput, define these columns and set its value like
username: context.username
connection_status: "true"
...and other information...

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