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Create Job in folder via Commandline

Hi everyone,


we are currently trying to create Jobs from generated Jobscripts via the Commandline:


createJob myJobName -sf /home/talend/workspace/project/code/jobscripts/myJobScript.item

So far, all created jobs can be found afterwards in the main directory in Talend Studio.

How to use the subfolder structure of Talend Studio via the Commandline? (the slash notation appears not to work...)




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Re: Create Job in folder via Commandline


The exhaustive help for all commands that you get when you type the -help command in your Talend CommandLine application.

Here is online document about:TalendHelpCenter:Talend CommandLine API

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Re: Create Job in folder via Commandline

Hi Sabrina,

thanks a lot for your reply!

Having read the documentation in more detail, I was still unable to find out, how to create jobs in a certain Talend path (the folder structure in the GUI) via commandline.

I can handle the 2 parameters -o & -sf, but as far as I see the help doesn't tell about a possibily to provide the talend path.


|  createJob jobName                                                 create job from script file   |
|      -o (--over_write)                                             to overwrite if job existed   |
|      -sf (--script_file) file path                                 job of script file            |


Are more parameters to the createJob command available?
I tried to include the path in the jobName, which didn't work.
Any other idea?