Autostart Karaf (Open Studio)

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Autostart Karaf (Open Studio)

We've just install and trying Talend Open Studio for ESB. We've developed some RESTFul web services and we've published them on Karaf, and it works fine!! however, we've got a doubt, how can we auto-start Karaf whenever we restart our machine?
We've tried with a scheduled task and a windows service, which run the trun.bat file, but doesn't work! the scheduled task is configured to start at Windows startup, but it keeps as "running" and Karaf is not up. With Windows Service occurs something like this, we start it and immediatly it's stopped and appears a modal windows with a warning. We can run it manually, but we need do it automatically when system restart by maintenance.
Is there any way to get it?? we need to have karaf running to get our WebServices working, is it possible with Open Studio? (we've just discovered Talend and we're so dummies with it!)


Re: Autostart Karaf (Open Studio)

using the wrapper command in Karaf you can create the related stuff you need to get the Container as a Windows Service which is for sure the best way to solve the 'Auto Start' requirement:
Please see here for the detailed steps:
The Talend Enterprise ESB comes additionally with an Installer which does this for you but essentially what we do in the installer is the same you can do manually also with the TOS 4 ESB Container
One more thing: when you run the container as a service you no longer have the console window so you now can use the Talend Runtime/Karaf Web Console: http://localhost:8040/system/console/bundles and / or connect via ssh (easiest by using teh client.bat which is int he same folder as the trun.bat you used to start it just as local process.)
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Re: Autostart Karaf (Open Studio)

Hi Dlenzen,
Thanks you by your reply!! I've installed the wrapper and the Windows Service. I access to web console and i see this:

SSH Port RMI Ports State Pid Name

Always in the status appears STARTING, I've checked this post, but i can't solve it. I'm using TALEND 5.2.2 and JDK 1.6 on 64bits environment.
Why my instance not starts?
If I stop the window service and run TRUN.BAT, on the webconsole the instance appears as "STARTED" and i can run my WS correctly.
By the way, I've configured my WS indicating the Endpoint on tRESTRequest object as my machine IP to get access from other computers in my network (


I've add tLog component to my job / WS and i've just seen that when i invoke my RESTFul service through HTTP it runs and catch params, however appears 500 Server Error
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Re: Autostart Karaf (Open Studio)

I've seen that my problem is when i try to get info from my BD. I've attached you my job's diagram.
As you can see, i catch params, transform and set as global vars. Then i query my bd to get the info. The tLog component works ok and write params on the log, but when the job should continue to tMMSqlInput component, it crash!! i've tried without this component (without any query) and the WS works fine on Karaf, any idea?

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Re: Autostart Karaf (Open Studio)

I'm going to open other topic with the new question.
I got autostart Karaf, thank you so much Dlenzen!!
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Re: Autostart Karaf (Open Studio)

Hi All,


I have the same requirement now to start Karaf as autostart on my windows.


It will be really help for me if you provide the procedure / steps followed by you to achieve the autostart karaf.


Thanks in advance.


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