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Automate TAC license installation via Linux RPM package

Other than the normal method of browsing to a license file on the local machine via the TAC's LICENSES->Add new license GUI view, has anyone running on Linux had any success with creating an rpm package to automate the process of configuring the TAC with a new license file?
It doesn't appear that the command line supports this (i.e. uploading of a license file to the TAC). For example, is there a way to directly load the license file into the database that the TAC uses, or a way to invoke a web service POST that presents the license file to the TAC?
We are creating several Linux rpm packages to automate things like:

setting up Talend environment variables,
installation of Talend license file
installation of the job server
installation of TAC and command line,
It would nice to have a way to automate this, since we will have quite a few TAC servers in support of the various DEV, QA, and PROD environments.
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Re: Automate TAC license installation via Linux RPM package

Talend supports setting the license key since version 5.2 using the metaservlet.  I use the metaservlet but have not used the setLicenseKey action.
  Command: setLicenseKey
Description             : Set a new license for Talend Administrator Center
Requires authentication : true
Since                   : 5.2
Sample                  :
  "actionName": "setLicenseKey",
  "authPass": "admin",
  "authUser": "",
  "licenseKeyPath": "c:/temp/TDQ_EE.license"
Specific error codes    :
       110: license is not file or not exist
       111: license file operation failed
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Re: Automate TAC license installation via Linux RPM package

Hi Steve,
If you have found a solution - please share it, we are interested in same automation.
Thank you!