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2 different databases same job

Hy i'm newie with Data Integration ...i want to know if is posible to make  one job and  have different inputs/outputs like oracle & sql server. It is necesary to make one job for Oracle and another for Ms Sql Server ? I mean because there are specific OracleInput ans OracleOutput....  i want to make like "views" from data structure that will be the same on oracle and sql server, so y want to make one job and use in both databases , and store data depending the database that i choose.


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Re: 2 different databases same job

One job is enough.

multiple options:

- use tReplicate for multiple similar output and plug xxxOutput to each output

- use tmap to create multipel output

- use a tJBDCxxxx component and contextuliazed depending on which database you want to use.


Lots of tutorials should help you reach your goal.


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Re: 2 different databases same job

thanks for your response...anyway is there a posibility  to abstract de database engine from input data ? i mean...i get the same structure in oracle and in sqlserver i have to use oracleinput and msqlinput and replicate my flow one for each engine ? or there is a way to reduce my flow ? Regards !!!

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Re: 2 different databases same job

You should have a look at Generic Database components DBInput / DBOutput.

Using the appropriate context variables you should be able to do what you expect.