sqlserver Hierarchyid field equivalent in Talend

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sqlserver Hierarchyid field equivalent in Talend

Hi there,


I Need to use Hierarchyid metadata in sqlserver.

At the source SQLServer DB, a field is of type Hierarchyid.



when i extracted it to the destination DB (also SQLServer), i noticed that the metadata was chaanged into varbinary.



This is how the tmap looks like:



1. how do i make sure to keep the Hierarchyid type? I need it to preform a ::getroot() method..

2. what is the equivalent of Hierachyid in Talend?

3. is there a conversion table between SQLServer to Talend?


Thanks in advance!





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Re: sqlserver Hierarchyid field equivalent in Talend

This will be a mapping issue in the studio preferences. If the data type from the database is unknown talend will utilise a default datatype. You can force specific data type mappings if needed.

In studio select the windows menu then preferences. In the preferences window expand 'Talend' then 'Specific settings' then 'metadata for talend'. Select the appropriate DBMS . It is an XML file that you can then modify as needed. (The location for this may differ from version to version) 

Just make sure you take a backup of the file first.