setting auto increment start value?

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setting auto increment start value?

I have tried find instructions how to set the start value of the auto increment attribute in the data model but no luck. can somebody help? I know how to use the auto incremet as id but want to change the value where it begins to increment. it's possible in mysql so I suppose its possible in talend mdm/exist?
cheers, samuli
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Re: setting auto increment start value?

yes its possible.
1. In TOS got to MDM section
2. go to Data Container|System|CONF
3. On the Entity Drop Down list, select Autoincrement and hit the search
4. Edit the search record returned, and go to Source section
Good luck.

Re: setting auto increment start value?

This value is stored in the system datacontainer called 'CONF'. You can edit the XML to set the value you need.

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Re: setting auto increment start value?

It is possible indeed as muraliv and csonnefraud detailed.
But I'll let you one advice, as I've struggled multiple times resetting multiple counters... Id is just an identifier, so unless there is a really strong point to use a AUTO_INCREMENT type, you should use UUID instead. That way, you don't have to keep resetting Auto Increment start values every time you want to redo your tests.
If you are using AUTO_INCREMENT to keep track of creation order, you could deal with that in other ways:
- Create CreateDate and UpdateDate on the DataModel;
- Query Journal and see all the CRUD actions on every record, ordered in any way you want.
Best regards,
Diogo Afonso

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