[resolved] Use postgres for storage

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[resolved] Use postgres for storage

Hi. I'm new to Talend and using Talend Open Studio MDM 6.2.0. I want to use postgres for MDM SQL Storage and tried to follow helpcenter (Mdm sql storage)

0) Tried  cnange mdm.conf
Got errors Error creating bean with name 'defaultXmlServer', Data source 'Postgres-Default' can not be found in configuration.
1) Changed MDM\conf\datasources.xml (mdm.conf default)
<connection-url>jdbcSmiley Tongueostgresql://localhost:5432/testdatabase;DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE</connection-url>
2) Created model and container "test", tried deploy and got error
INFO   Application {}TMDMService#{}putDataModel has thrown exception, unwinding now: java.rmi.RemoteException: Unable to create/update the Data Model test; 
: Could not create storage test with data model test.
: Could not create storage for container test (MASTER) using data model test.
: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not create storage class loader
: Could not create storage class loader
: Could not generate Hibernate configuration
: Not supported database type POSTGRES; nested exception is: 
com.amalto.core.util.XtentisException: Unable to create/update the Data Model test    
Full log in attachment  
Can postgres be used as sql storage? How it can be done?      
UPD Found answer.


Re: [resolved] Use postgres for storage

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