[resolved] Trigger

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[resolved] Trigger

Hi all,
How to create trigger in such a way that if a record is updated it can be edited or deleted with in the same day,record should not be able to make any chages for existing record for next day.next day u can only create new record againg we can update or delete the record created on the same day.
Please can any one give suggesions on this.
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Re: [resolved] Trigger

not quite clear what you mean. Please describe it a bit deeper - best way with an example.
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Re: [resolved] Trigger

If we create any record in MDM for example if we create today i.e on 5th  the record can be edited or deleted.
on 6th the record which is created on 5th cant be deleted and edited and we have option only to create a new records the records which have been created on 6th can be edited and deleted. 

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