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[resolved] MDM on linux

hi all,
I'm trying to work with Talend MDM but I've got a lot of "failed" state on launching MDM server
And the first I see it's a binary( the well known ^M) in the boot.log ...! (??)
Ok it's just the a log file but seems strange .
I've got a lot of errors on server.log too Smiley Happy
first one is :

2010-02-02 14:18:11,731 2239 WARN (mainSmiley Happy Problem creating service jboss.remoting:service=Connector,transport=socket
java.lang.RuntimeException: Error setting up server invoker SocketServerInvoker

and later :

Caused by:^M

binary caracter is back !
open a bug ?
ps: cannot load screenshoot in this topic

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Re: [resolved] MDM on linux

I've got the same issue
with my best
Community Manager

Re: [resolved] MDM on linux

Hello All
Please tell me your linux version, I will try to reproduce the problem.
Best regards
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Re: [resolved] MDM on linux

I use Ubuntu carmic 9.10
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Re: [resolved] MDM on linux

I use Ubuntu version 8 (hardy)
kernel 2.6.24-21

Re: [resolved] MDM on linux

Try to start jboss using jboss/bin/ instead of our jboss/ The latter adds the -b, which tells jboss to bind any IP address. If this fails, jboss cannot open any socket so prettry much everything will fail during startup.
The former is the original version that comes with a jboss distribution. It will only accept traffic from localhost. If you have everything on your machine, this should work for you though.
I found out -b may not always work on linux boxes. You can try to bind it to a real IP instead (see ifconfig), this worked for me before. This is a pure jboss issue, so please refer to jboss documentation.
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Re: [resolved] MDM on linux

hi ctoum
it does the trick.
I've to read jboss doc so Smiley Happy
thanks a lot.