Workflow tutorial

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Workflow tutorial


I'm preparing Talend MDM presentation now. And I have an issue with workflow demonstration.

It would be nice if you create step by step tutorial for working with workflow. Because Talend MDM EE User's Guide is too complex and contains many cross references between chapters. It's too complicated to MDM and Bonita novice to implement and demonstrate such amazing feature of Talend MDM as workflow.
Thank you.

Re: Workflow tutorial

Several tutorials are in the plan, and workflow is definitely one of them.
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Re: Workflow tutorial

I am from India and i have created a step by step process for generating the workflow if you like you can follow the respective steps for the creation of Workflow:

Create the number of user as per the requirement. For me its two 1> anil 2> madam its an example roles
Then add the roles of the newly created users.(role name and browser name should be same and case sensitive)
Then add the data container.
Then add the data model.
Add work flow task.
Generate the view and add the different user for the data model.
Add both the roles in the System interactive then it will be available in the browser to create the user at the browser level to login.
At browser level add system interactive as user for both the user.
Now design a work flow.
After designing the work flow add data
Entityname_element-Text(primary key)
Entityname_element-Text(final approval)
Note: element and entity name should as similar to the data model name.
Now add groups as a role in the work flow process with host/port/universe.
Now ad connectors with the fields used along with xpath.
Now select the actor in the work flow process and add both the users.
For the different roles remove the user access if he is not going to provide the value like access. By right click on each element and remove the access to the user.
Right click on the data model entity and generate the work flow.
Add the every element from the work flow and various roles for that data model.
Click finish it will be deployed into the server.
Deployed work flow will be available in the MDM server with the name datamodel_entity.
Generate the work flow process for the deployed work flow process by right clicking on to it.
Generated work flow process will be with the name of start work flow? in the process.
Now create a trigger and add the generated process.
Now at the place of trigger xpath add operation type/concept/item path.
Now at the condition add below.
demo_concept And (update_demo Or (insert_demo And approval))

B. Anil Kumar,
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Re: Workflow tutorial

I can't find a tutorial for talend workflow either.
I see comments back from 2009 that Talend will create a workflow tutorial but the Talend Forge site only provide workflows on Date Integration and Data Quality.
Any help?


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