What are you mastering?

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What are you mastering?

Talend MDM is a general MDM solution. We are interested in finding out what YOU are mastering... What domains have you defined?

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Re: What are you mastering?

I would be glad to contribute a real use case, but I can't justify to allocate time to evaluate CE with a real production domain... I think talend should broaden the features (ie workflows...) to provide more possibilities, like I wrote in another MDM forum:
is there any plan or will to include at least basic workflows and other MDM stuff in Community Edition?
Because I've played around with Talend MDM CE, but to me, right now, seems a little more than a basic CRUD building application with basic journaling.
If is of any value, my opinion is that, to appeal the community (so more testers, more eyeballs, more bug found, more trained users) you should at least include in CE all the features of MDM Enterprise BUT with exclusion of the most entreprise oriented like:
- Active directory integration
- Sophisticated, field granular access control
- Remote Management
- Integrated TOS/TIS
- Clustering and High Avail
- External DB for data storing

Actually, in comparison, TOS to TIS is a lot more appealing than MDM CE to MDM ENT.
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Re: What are you mastering?

we are in process of evaluating the packaging for our next release in a few months and really appreciate this feedback. determining the CE v EE breakdown of features is on of the most difficult parts of having two versions. we need to make it functional enough for general purpose MDM yet enticing enough to fuel the creation of EE. this input is valuable. your suggestions make a lot of sense and we will absolutely consider them as we move forward.
they all make sense... as for "TOS/TIS integration". this is one of the single most important features of our solution and critical to the community edition. we have created a series of components and implemented the event manager to allow data to drive integration. this is a key differentiator for us and core to our MDM function. this allows master data to own its lifecycle and how it is ingtegrated with other systems. i think it is pretty cool, but really i am just the "marketing guy". heh heh...
as for workflows, you could download Bonitasoft open and create workflows with that tool and then deploy them in the MDM server. you could then create triggers to kick them off from various actions on the data.
if you would like to speak further about any of this or anything else in the product i am happy to do so. we can continue here in the forum or if you would like to have a phone conversation please feel free to send me a note at jwalker@talend.com and we can arrange.
thank you much for your feedback!
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Re: What are you mastering?

Thanks for your comprehensive answer.
I will surely follow any evolution of what you are bringing to the feature set of MDM;
It is a very promising product also in this first release and I'm confident that it will quick emerge in this landscape given the commitment and involvement that Talend seems providing.
My note was only to suggest that including more options in CE than the current incarnation (excluding surely the enterprise one), will surely fuel the community, real word tests, adoption and bug spotting (bug spotting that will advantage ENT ver. on the same time).
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Re: What are you mastering?

We are planning on doing a POC for MDM. We wanted to use TalendMDMCE, but the lack of access control was a bit of a show stopper...
I have to agree with emaxt6... there should be a bit more "meat" to the CE edition for people to seriously look at it.
Looking forward to the next release.
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Re: What are you mastering?

well i want to make a domain but currently we are in process and it is not fully complete and making it by using the
TalendMDMCE . but i am facing a lot of difficulties because i am not much expert in MDMCE .
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Re: What are you mastering?

Totally agree with emaxt6!
I started a POC to for creating a Master Entity Index and Clinical repository. The idea was to add standard interface layers, HL7, IHE, RIM repository, etc.
But, the limited feature set of MDM CE does not offer any value for investment with our time. Omitting security and workflow seems unreasonable. Without these, MDM CE is just a repository wizard as described by emaxt6. In fact, would be easier bolting a custom repository to Talend ESB Studio. Not sure what Talend is thinking here, the value proposition for community involvement is benefiting from an open R&D environment!
Anyway, my recent evaluation for a large healthcare project, Talend MDM CE will require significant custom extensions and the EE is commercial licensed like IBM, Informatica, etc. Don't know how limiting the subscription license is, but sure Talend does not engage in predatory licensing schemes.
I have a question posted (ESB forum) about extending MDM CE with Talend ESB Studio, can anyone please respond? Wondering about a possible work around, perhaps creating a MDM repository with ESB Studio as an alternative to MDM CE.
Thank you!
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Re: What are you mastering?

Well, the Open Studio for MDM may work as a Canonical Model tool!
A typical Enterprise Integration Pattern (EIP) is to establish a common messaging structure (AKA Canonical Model) for internal integration. Then the Canonical Model becomes the central source for all exchanges. For healthcare, this is very important, makes it easy to create and maintain standard exchanges.
In addition, making the Canonical Model serve as a central repository provides obvious benefits. The Open Studio for MDM, although very limited for serious MDM support - can work great for this Canonical Model use case.
Is it possible for someone from Talend to answer a few questions?
1) Can Apache Camel (Mediation) be included in the IDE?
2) Does the MDM tool architecture support embedding Activiti BPM engine (not BonitaSoft)?
3) Is there documentation for customizing and extending the Web tier?
4) Any plans to have an SDK for extending MDM without disrupting the core base?
5) Is Talend interested for community feedback with MDM, it seems like a take it or leave it strategy?
Thank you so much for Open Studio for ESB, hope the MDM can be as feature rich...

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