Taxonomy in Talend

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Taxonomy in Talend

I'm new in Talend. May be someone can help me to solve the following issues:
I have hierarchical dictionary "Classifier" and simple dictionary "Goods".
Entity - Classifier
Attributes - CategoryId
For example:
CategoryId Name ParentCategoryId
1 Milk -
1.1 Soft milk 1
1.1.1 Child soft milk 1.1
2 Meat -
2.1 Pork 2
Entity - Goods
Attributes - ID
ClassifierCategory (FK to Classifier.CategoryId)
So I need:
1. I need to make hierarchy for entity 'Classifier', but i can't deploy data model with relationship within one entity. Is it possible?
2. I want users to add a new category (child and sibling) to the Classifier dictionary in hierarchy explorer. Is it possible? Now i can add only sibling one and have one-tier hierarchy.
3. I organaize hierarchy: child-parent, pivots - goods and classifier. So can i add a spicific attributes for each classifier category for goods' records? For example, if i add goods into "child soft milk" category, the goods' records are added automatically with special attributes such as 'possible age', 'fatness' and so on.
Another example, i have regions (or states) classifier, so i want to have a special set of attributes for each region. Also i want to have a spesific value in attribute 'Additional' (vide supra) for each region automatically.
Please, help me with that quastions. ?ow can I make such structure?
I use Talend Platform for MDM v5.3.1_104014.

Re: Taxonomy in Talend

1) yes, recursive relationships are allowed (and work). Can you elaborate a bit on the error you get?
2) I think it is possible. If you meet an issue, please file a bug on
3) What you want to achieve sounds like inheritance to me: you have a "Goods" entity and specializations of this entity. But this doesn't work if a "Goods" instance can change its Classifier over time.
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Re: Taxonomy in Talend

Thank you for your answer.
1. Yes, you are right. At the result I could deploy data model with recursive relationships. So if I choose as a FK path PK, the error will occur. If i choose as a FK path Entity, everythig will be ok.
2. Yes, you are right i could do after creating recursive relationships.
But I have another problem. I can't add value like '1.1' as a PK and create hierarchy like i want. I asked about it in forum:
Can you recommend anything for me?
3. So I want to create hierarchical dictionary, there the set of attributes for records depends on the category the record have. Is it possible?
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Re: Taxonomy in Talend

Thank you for your help. I wrote to Talend Professional Support and they helped me to solve my problem with 'dot' in PK.
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Re: Taxonomy in Talend

But may be anyone can help me with that issue:
I want organize something like this - see screenshot: The hierarchical dictionary where childs has its own set of properties with its values.
Is it possible in Talend MDM?
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Re: Taxonomy in Talend

Hi Lesanka,
I have a similar requirement..Can you please let me know how did you establish the recursive relationship in a single entity.?Or if you had followed any documentation ,please share that as well.
Thanks ,

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