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Talend MDM Validation Rules.

I am not able to validate two patterns which I mentioned below.
1) How to generate sequence number automatically for an attribute (example: "ID") while saving a record in Talend MDM Browser.
And that attribute should take pattern as "100 - "+ ID (ID is AUTO_INCREMENT)
2) For an attribute (ex: COUNTRY), while selecting the COUNTRY attribute in Talend MDM Browser it should display states of the selected country. after selecting a STATE it should display currency field to enter.
Entering CURRENCY (example: 2000 as USD) save the record then the outcome should take the CURRENCY value as $2000 by default. If country is INDIA it should be saved as Rs.2000.
3)Without creating Entities in Talend MDM and without entering records, can we create Hierarchy in Talend MDM Browser?

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