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Talend MDM Portal with Reverse Proxy

We're planning to use a reverse proxy server with Talend MDM after authenticated by SiteMinder
The proxy server tries to redirect the user to the login page, i.e.
Once we log in, the url becomes
It changes from "talendmdm" to "general". If we check the page source, we can find links like

In that case, our reverse proxy server needs to know the root url Talend MDM uses.
Does anyone know the root URL?
Thanks in advance.

Re: Talend MDM Portal with Reverse Proxy

Talend MDM Server is containing several webapps, so there's no unique root context but multiple ones.
For instance, each of the basic functions, such Browse Data, Journal, Recycle Bin, .. is a different webapp.
The JBoss Management located at http://localhost:8180/status?full=true will give the list of all of the hosted applications
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Re: Talend MDM Portal with Reverse Proxy

Thanks, Pbabin.
That explains why we cannot use a single URL.