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Talend Data Catalog


I try to add a new custom attribute and associate it with a column object following this steps: 

  • Go to Tools > Administration.
  • Select the Attributes tab.
  • Click Add then fill in the following fields.

Then I try to update the value of the custom attribute, following this steps:

  • Open a model from the Repository panel.
  • Right-click an object then click Open in Metadata Explorer.
  • Click the custom attribute value in the Properties panel.
  • Change the value for the custom attribute.
  • Click the Commit changes button.

But I don't find the new custom attribute in the properties panel. 

Am I wrong something?? 


Re: Talend Data Catalog

Hi Artenisa,


When you created your new custom attribute, did you properly set the scope of the attribute ? In other words, can the custom attribute be applied to a table's column ?


Here is a screenshot of of the custom attribute form where you define the scope.






custom attribute score.png

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