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My team is currently working on an application that will use Open Studio for MDM (Not Enterprise MDM). We see the available MDM components and how we can build the model. We have the following questions:


1) Do we need to build the Model? What does it give us? Could we build our own model and use the components against it?

2) What do we need to use the MDM UI? We have heard that the UI just gets data loaded into it. Does it have to be the MDM model?

3) For the MDM Survivorship component , is it for the entire record or each field?

4) How are Match rules used in the Match component?


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Re: Studio open


Have you already read the online documents about:TalendHelpCenter:Talend Open Studio for MDM Getting Started Guide and TalendHelpCenter:Talend Open Studio for MDM User Guide?

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