Problem with server MDM 5.6.2

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Problem with server MDM 5.6.2

Hi everyone, 
I installed a server MDM 5.6.2 on my computer to work with my 5.6.2 studio. I have no problem with the installation but when i check the connection in the studio, it says "Unabale to connect to server". But i can access to the WebUI. If a take the connection info to server and i use them in the studio 5.0.3, the connection works. 
And the problem is the same when i'm trying to deploy job or process, trigger, dataModel .... in 5.6.2, i can't do anything but it works in 5.0.3 (with the server MDM 5.6.2 i just install) 

Please, i need help on this subject, it's driving me crazy ^^

Re: Problem with server MDM 5.6.2

How did you set your MDM web UI url? Are you using http://localhost:your_port/talendmdm/secure/?
Could you please try to replace localhost with IP address to see if it works?
Best regards
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