Match rule creation, deployment and validation

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Match rule creation, deployment and validation

Hi All, 


I have created a data model, created match rule and deployed it to server. Unfortunately i am facing below issues while validating.


  • I am unable to get the match plan option. 
  • There is a simulate match option which is failing with reason Entity XXXX has no match rule or is not applicable to matching process. However i have created a match rule in studio, attached to a table under a model and it was deployed successfully to server. 
  • Under Container in studio, i tried inserting data to staging area and run simulate match, a window pops up but it doesnt have any records or keys in it. 
  • My rule definition is to match based on a stirng column and do the match. I am following as in example

Any suggestion on this?

I don't have data stewardship setup. Does this cause the issue?



Re: Match rule creation, deployment and validation


Could you please clarify in which Talend version/edition you are?

Best regards


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Re: Match rule creation, deployment and validation

Hi Sabrina, 

I am using Talend 7.11

The issue had been resolved partially now. 

Started Data stewardship service. And I have recreated a different model and was able to successfully deploy it and simulate it. 

Not sure why the first one failed though. It was not working even after starting stewardship. This can be considered as closed for now. 





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