MDM Trigger Behaviour

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MDM Trigger Behaviour



I'm trying to create an MDM job/trigger so that when a new record is created via the WebUI, it will automatically enrich that with the current datetime (insertdate), and the username of the person who created the record (insertby).


My current workflow has a trigger which triggers a job that starts with tMDMTriggerInput, (the exchange doc has all the information I need) grabs the key, username and current time and writes it to mdm as an update in a tMDMOutput component.


However, I cannot update the record in MDM with the datetime and username, because the trigger and job seems to occur before the record commits - so there is no record to update at runtime.


I also have a job that adds an update_date and update_by fields. This works fine, because when a person updates an already existing record in MDM, there is already a record to update and it all works fine.


So my question is, how can I enrich an insert of data to MDM via the webUI.



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Re: MDM Trigger Behaviour

Hi Nilan,


MDM Trigger is very similar to oracle DB trigger, MDM Trigger will work on CURD (Create, update, Read, Delete) operations, you can enrich the data on create operation, are you getting any error in MDM logs, can you please provide your trigger setting screenshot as well as job screenshot


I hope you have provided the entity as "Update" and Trigger xpath expression value as "CREATE" (Case sensitive) and the corresponding condition.


Please refer to the attached screenshot 







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