MDM: Foreign key management and Staging Validation

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MDM: Foreign key management and Staging Validation



I have 2 records in the staging linked by a foreign key (For Example to simplify the problem: Entity "Person" and Entity "Location" linked by a foreign key "LocationId" in the table Person).


When validating the staging, The Location record is merged with another record (Using Matching Rules) and it's key is modified to become the one of the golden record in the master database...


The problem is that the Person record still have the old value of the Location Id and, during the staging validation, the person record is not sent to the Master database because it has a foreign key integrity error...


I thought that Talend MDM, during staging validation, would automatically updates foreign keys if they change during Staging Validation, but it's not the Case...


Can you please help to find a solution on how to fix this problem of foreign key integrity error during Staging Validation and what's the best practices.... Do we need to have a 'before saving process' in the Location entity that will update foreign keys in Staging... Or I heard about lookup tables for foreign keys (but I haven't found any documentation on that, so I don't know how it works...)


Thank you

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Re: MDM: Foreign key management and Staging Validation


Could you please post your setting screenshots on forum which will be helpful for us to understand your issue? And which is talend MDM product you are using?

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