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How to delete /remove data model deployed to web UI

Hi I want to remove/delete data model and process object that i created and deployed to my MDM server.When i tried to delete it from Studio,its giving me warning that "Following objects are not deleted on the server,if you delete them from the repository now ,the deletion will never be reflected on the server" first i want to delete it from server.Whether i need to delete this objects from any folder in server package/default folder or directly i can delete it from web UI?
Tell me the steps how to achieve this....
Thanks in advance
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Re: How to delete /remove data model deployed to web UI

Can i delete directly from my workspace?...or MDM have any utility?

Re: How to delete /remove data model deployed to web UI

The process is:
1) delete the objects in the repository
2) reflect the change on the server by clicking on the "update server" button
You get this message because you are trying to empty the recycle bin in your repository before the change is reflected on the server. If you do that, there will be no way for the Studio to keep track of the deletions to reflect them on the server. Hence the warning.
(If you already emptied your recycle bin you can still reimport the objects from the server -- there is also a button for that -- and delete again)