How to create database agnostics ETL jobs in Talend

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How to create database agnostics ETL jobs in Talend

In our product we support multiple databases e.g. Oracle, MS SQL server etc. So based on our client’s preference our ETL job should transfer data from Oracle/MSSQL server to Oracle/MS SQL server. Talend provides database specific connectors e.g. tOracleInput, tOracleOutput, tMSSqlInput, tMSSqlOutput, tOracleSqlRow, tMSSqlRow etc. If we use database specific connectors, we have to create multiple jobs for different target database. How to write generic (common) jobs in Talend to build database agnostic ETL process?
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Re: How to create database agnostics ETL jobs in Talend

You can use the tJDBC components. In this case I would generally suggest the usage of tJDBCConnection to avoid set the parameters for all database components.
It remains the problem, if the Talend job should create tables, this could cause problems because some SQL datatypes are not in common for all database vendors (like BOOLEAN does not exists in Oracle)

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