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Hierachy in Data Model and Import Data to the models

Hi All,


I am trying to build a Data Models with two Data Entities: Let's say Customer and Order


Customer table contains all the information about that customer.

In Order table, I am trying to have a Customer column. But instead of having an Customer_Id like normal database tables would have, I would like to have a Customer object so that all the fields of customers would also be visible through Order.

(Looks like it can be done by Add a new Business Element -> Reference Name: Customer)


I am wondering if this can be done in Talend. And if I want to import data, how shall I map the original data fields to the data entities I have been created? Currently I am only able to match column-by-column.


Thank you very much.



Re: Hierachy in Data Model and Import Data to the models


Sorry for late.

We have redirected your issue to our MDM experts and will keep you posted.

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