French character encoding issue in Talend

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French character encoding issue in Talend

We are facing an issue while sending xml messages to IBM Sterling Message Queue through Talend (used tMomOutput component).
We are able to generate successful xml messages with proper encoding as ?UTF-8? and could see the French characters as the output of tLogRow component in Talend.
But after consuming in Sterling end, we could see some unknown characters instead of French characters in the Sterling database.
If we process the same file through web methods, we can see the proper French characters in the database.
We compared the messages that coming from both web methods and Talend in the RFHUtil tool and found only the difference is in CODE PAGE value in RFH tab:
We manually changed that CODE PAGE value in RFHUtil to ?1208? and then write the updated message to the queue and once consumed it generated French characters properly.
Hence, It seems our challenge is to update the Code page value in RFH tab through Talend.(we are able to update the CODE PAGE value in MQMD tab through Talend and now it?s reflecting 1208 only)
PFA the screenshot of the code page issue and also both webmethods and talend messages from RFHUtil.
Any suggestion from your end would help us to resolve this issue.
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Re: French character encoding issue in Talend

I found the same error in the Talend Version 5.3
My solution :
Open the .ini file in the directory Talend and delete the instruction : « -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 », save your file and restart Talend.
For me, no more error Smiley Happy
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Re: French character encoding issue in Talend

Thanks For your reply.
Can you please describe the above solution to me little bit in details so that i can overcome the problem.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: French character encoding issue in Talend

I'm facing the same issue with French characters in Talend OS 5.3.1 and the encoding of the output message should be UTF-8 with Code Page value 1208.
So, I followed the suggestion mentioned above and deleted the part '-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8' from TOS_DI-win-x86_64.ini file (my executable file is TOS_DI-win-x86_64.exe for Talend 5.3.1) and restarted Talend.
But after executing Talend job I verified the message in Websphere MQ and found the value of 'Coded Character set identifier' as '437' instead of 1208. Seems the same issue persists..!!
Please suggest.


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