Event Management in MDM

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Event Management in MDM

I am trying to do a update trigger operation in MDM.

The scenario is, In MDM, I have data model and a field named PVC_MSRP, whenever for any record if the value is more than 10 lakhs, i have to update STATUS field in the same datamodel to "YES".
Without using TOS i have to do the same. That's important, so that i could cover the Trigger and call job process in Talend

I am succeeded in creating the trigger but the subsequent process, i am really messed up with.. I have tried "PartialUpdate" plugin in a process but endup in nothing big. The foremost thing, Talend website or any other documentation didnt cover this Process call and the various plugin which i sense is one of the important features in Talend MDM. The wiki's documentation regd. calljob is also not sufficient. If any document is available, kindly do share with us.

This is critical for my POC Submission in Event management area.

this is the update report.
<Item> <path>/ABC_Prod/PVC_MSRP</path> <oldValue>97972.00</oldValue> <newValue>1000000.00</newValue>

Could anyone help on the same

Re: Event Management in MDM

If you don't want to use a TOS job, the "partial update" process plug-in is indeed the way to go. I posted the documentation on Talend's Wiki, I hope it will help you: http://talendforge.org/wiki/doku.php?id=mdmSmiley Tonguerocessplugins#partial_update