Drop-down list talend mdm

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Drop-down list talend mdm

I would like an element of an entity representing a drop-down list containing the list of data of another entity.
Example, I've an entity “employee” who contain an element “project” and an entity called “project”, I want in element “project” of entity “employee”, a drop down list with all the projects already created in entity “project”.
Currently, I have managed to do an element « project » of entity « employee » who allows me to select one of the projects of entity "project". The problem is this isn't a drop-down list. Yet there a location who seems like a drop-down list but there are no projects, to access the projects, i have to clic on the pen (circled in red in the illustration below).
Projects in entity “project”:

Entity “employee”:

Is it possible to make this drop-down list with the current version of Talend (6.0)?
If yes, can you tell me how?
Thank you

Re: Drop-down list talend mdm

Hello, could we have an answer on this ? Could this be considered as a bug ?