Disappointing Documentation and User Guide for Talend MDM

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Disappointing Documentation and User Guide for Talend MDM

The Talend MDM User Guide is very disappointing, it seems incomplete. There is no discussion on how to set up jobs and processes to actually launch jobs based on changes in data in the Talend MDM server database. The document discusses Triggers, Processes, Jobs etc all in isolation, gives details about some of the basic capabilities, but there is nothing that ties it together to demonstrate an example flow of how to use them together in any meaningful way. The demo project in Talend MDM seems complete, when I load it and deploy it based on instructions, it works great, but I have no way of knowing what the different parts of the jobs/triggers/processes are doing, so I can hope to replicate it for my own data model and container in Talend MDM. In full disclosure, I have been using Talend MDM Open Studio, but that does not mean the documentation should not be better. I looked at the document posted in the other group for Talend MDM, that is very much out of date compared to the version of the software that is currently available, I understand it was provided by a consultant voluntarily, but wouldn't it make sense for Talend to provide something similar that is more current?

Re: Disappointing Documentation and User Guide for Talend MDM

Hi. Did you see the Talend Open Studio for MDM Getting Started Guide? This presents the kind of more complete use case you seem to be asking for.
- https://help.talend.com/search/all?query=Talend+Open+Studio+for+mdm+getting+started+guide?content-la...
Hope this helps!
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Re: Disappointing Documentation and User Guide for Talend MDM

Thank you, but that is not a complete use case! In most cases, the MDM platform does not sit in isolation from other systems that need refer to the master data. So, one needs to write processes that synchronize data between Talend mdm and other applications. The guide posted in the other forum is closer, but not complete. Also in many cases, the only way for the MDM platform to communicate with other applications would be via web services due to the closed nature of the application architecture and using APIs is the only way.  Having examples that cover at least one complete use case would help many new developers looking to quickly learn the platform.

Re: Disappointing Documentation and User Guide for Talend MDM

Right. The MDM Getting Started Guide is new and needs more work to be done. Actually, we already got a DOCT-5073 to check it, which I just update to be a 6.4 Major issue on my dashboard. It’s good to receive your feedback as above, and it's time to connect the dots.
In reply to your suggestions (thanks for the close look at our documentation), two actions may be taken:
1)   TOS for MDM Getting Started Guide: The scenario could be enriched with examples of a standalone process and a trigger.
2)   Talend MDM Platform Studio User Guide: In the Theory into practice part, whose example is now based on the MDM demo project, we could add more examples to illustrate how to use runnable processes, triggers, call Jobs or even workflows.
After working on this, I will send one copy to you for confirmation and validation if you like. We’d love to make our documentation helpful. Many thanks!
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Re: Disappointing Documentation and User Guide for Talend MDM

Thank you! I am willing to help out and provide feedback to make it better for everyone.


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