Creating a new Oracle DB Connection

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Creating a new Oracle DB Connection

I'm trying to create a new Metadata DB Connection in Open Studio 5.1.1
DBType: Oracle RAC
Db Version: Oracle 10
Server: DWMARTD2
String of Connection: DWMARTD2
When I click on the "Check" button, I got "Connection Failure. You must change the Database Settings." After I click on the "details", I got "impossible to initialize the connection".
I have no problem to connect to the server in TOAD on the same machine.
Please help!
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Creating a new Oracle DB Connection

I tested it on v5.1.1 and it works. You must have some wrong settings, please see my screenshot.
The server URL:
jdbcSmiley Surprisedracle:thin:@(description=(address=(protocol=tcp)(host=
change it to fit your database.
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Re: Creating a new Oracle DB Connection

Thanks for your quick response, Shong.
I still have a few questions on this one:
1) For the "Server field", do we always need such a long URL? If so, Talend may change the field label to Server URL instead of "Server". Otherwise, user may assume it's just a server name.
2) Do we need to specify the exact IP address for the "host"? Will Open Studio be able resolve a server name to IP address?
3) It seems that the "String of Connection" is always the same as "Server" field. Do we really need both fields here?
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Re: Creating a new Oracle DB Connection

Finally, I figured out the easiest way to find the info based on Shong's suggestion.
I used "tnsping" to get the whole connection string. Then, you can get all the info you need for the connection setup.
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Re: Creating a new Oracle DB Connection

I am facing a weird problem.
when I give the connection string as mentioned above and then check, it works fine. After that when i click the connection either in profiling or from MDM the service_name is being empty and the connection fails. 
I dont know why the service_name becomes empty once i come out of the connect screen. Can anyone help me?

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