Can Talend MDM replace a relational database ?

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Can Talend MDM replace a relational database ?

I'm using the open studio tool for the ETL part of a project in an operational environment. I recently heard about Talend MDM, but I'm not familiar with XML Database. So maybe I could use Talend MDM to do all the job in my project, but do you think MDM is suitable for a complex relational database?
My database will be like this, 12 tables, with 8 tables to make a many to many relation, and the data must be in accessible for 10 years so some tables will contain at last between 7 and 10 Giga octets of data.

In xml you have to make a loop on all the file to extract all the informations you need, no ? So it will be long to extract many informations from many tables ?

In your opinion, is the MDM solution suitable for a project like this ? I also need a evolving solution wich was as simple as possible in term of maintain. So the Open Studio is the ideal tool for the moment, but maybe an all integrated solution like MDM was better.
Thanks in advance for your replies.

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