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Blocking Strategies for Data Matching in Talend Data Integration/Data Quality and Talend MDM

Scenario : The Employee CSV file from HR system is source 1. Source 2 is another CSV from different system. In this case, HR system always has the recent address and other information about the employee. there are duplicate records for the same employee from both of the systems.

Question 1 : is there a way  to instruct the MDM job to consider the HR system as latest record while merging? Is that can be automated or only handled manually?


Question 2: In talend MDM UI there is a link called STAGING AREA. What is that? Is that predefined staging area inside the MDM repository or can we configure any of the database as staging? Because, I want to use landing and staging in a single oracle database with different schema.Also, there is a button named Validation which will take care of validation. Internally what validation does?