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Transfer information from inputFile to outputFile to export in Jira issue

Hi everybody,


During my searching, I would like a piece of advice : I would like to transfer information from " tFileInputDelimited_1" to an other "tFileOutputDelimited_1" in order to use my second "tFileOutputDelimited_1" with an "tJiraOuput_1".




- in the "tWriteJsonField_1" I build a kind of XML structure to respond at the basis of import an issue in Atlassan Jira, that is :



- the structure of my "tWriteJsonField_1" :



Finally I show you the content of the file in the componant "tFileInputDelimited_1" :




The problem is : I don't arrive to recover the information (to do the mapping) of the entrance file (see above) to tFileOutputDelimited_1 file.


How I can do this  with my tWriteJsonField_1 ?




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