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ODBC Connection Difficulty



1. I am trying to connect Talend to QuickBase via this third party ODBC connector.

2. I'm trying to do this via a JDBC-ODBC bridge driver. The JDBC-ODBC bridge was removed in the latest Java Development Kit (JDK), version 8, so I am trying to enable it with the driver from the previous version 7. I followed the instructions here.

3. Next, I believe I need to do revise the connection string in the code provided in this site to include "QuickBase via QuNect 64 bit" (the DSN source name). I am unsure how to create the jar file once the script is edited, however. Has anyone successfully connected Talend to an ODBC DSN data source or can someone help me? I'm sure there are others who have encountered this challenge.


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Re: ODBC Connection Difficulty



We have used EasySoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge for some customers for some very old systems.  Not sure about the one from QuNect that you are referring here since I have never tried it.


See for the one I tried before.


Hope that helps.

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Re: ODBC Connection Difficulty

I'm trying to do exact same thing and so far have made less progress than you, so am interested to hear if you get it working.  I'm considering using a 3rd part ODBC-JDBC bridge rather than older version of java, but if you get that to work I'd love to hear about it.  I'm disappointed that Talend doesn't provide their own ODBC driver now that Java does not.



Re: ODBC Connection Difficulty

Building a JDBC-ODBC bridge is a complex task.  And there are companies like EasySoft who just build these bridges.  If there is a jdbc-odbc driver from the open source community, we can easily leverage.  We have not found one from the open source community.


This is the same as someone building a Windows Application vs Building Windows Drivers.  These are 2 completely different set of skills and R&D team needed Smiley Happy


Definitely agree that building one will be great if we have the resources and knowledge to build one :-)