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Connection to SQL Server not retrieving Schemas

Hi - I'm having a look at Talend Open Studio for DQ and have created a connection to SQL Server 2016 and the WideWorldImporters DB that Microsoft provide.

If I leave the Schema field blank in the connection, then it doesn't pick up any of the "non-system" schemas; however, if I explicitly enter one of the schema names it then works for that schema.

I don't want to create a separate connection for every schema in the DB - as that rather defeats the purpose of running the analysis. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or how to fix this issue?

In the attached screenshot you can see that the first connection (no schema entered) shows a schema for WorldWideImporters that has no tables - and no other non-system schemas. The second connection shows the Application Schema (which I entered in the connection explicitly)

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Re: Connection to SQL Server not retrieving Schemas

I don't have a SQL SERVER 2016 installation now, I have made a testing with SQL SERVER 2014 and I don't reproduce the issue, all the schema and its tables are retrieved without specifying the schema field. I think it might be a bug for SQL SERVER 2016, can you please report a jira issue on our bugtracker? Our developers will investigate it more.

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