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Changing Keyword based on business rules



I am new to Talend Studio and I'm trying to figure out if Talend Open Studio DQ  can do this or if I need something else. Assuming I have a column of data for database type, and I have entries such as MS SQL 2012, Microsoft SQL 2012. Microsoft 2012 SQL, etc Can I a. Change MS for Microsoft as part of the validation? Can I create a look up where all as set of possible MS SQL 2012 gets updated t MS SQL 2012 Workgroup Ed (as example)?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Changing Keyword based on business rules

You should be able to do this using tMap: you would use the Find/Replace expression to replace "MS" with "Microsoft" in the output element. Your input to tMap would be something like tFileInputDelimited, tFileInputExcel, etc., and your output would be whatever format you want to save the file in.


Good luck!